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Consultoría Subvenciones y Licitaciones.

Clave3 interdisciplinary experts team is unique in the sector. We offer financing solutions to all type of projects, from R&D management to subsidied contracting. We are highly experienced in worldwide search of opportunities and non-refundable financing. Tell us about your project, we will give you information of your possibilities



Our final goal is maximizing the aids our customers receive keeping long-term contact with them. We programme subsidy strategies oriented to achieve competitive advantages in the short and long term, as well as in new R&D investment projects.

  • Complete Service – Information, documentation, follow-up, and justification.
  • Better chances of approval – as including concepts unknown to other companies
  • More subsidies – as not all existing ones are known.
  • Better image with the Administration – with out team of especialized consultants.
  • Reliability and absolute professionalism – a great team with a great career path.


The management of a project financing can be a tedious job with very specific steps, such as the elaboration of technical documentation, being aware of the requirements demanded, not to mention the excesive bureaucracy that is usually linked to the subsidies and tender procedures.

More than 1,25 M € managed
More than 200 clients served
More than 8 years experience
subvenciones y licitaciones

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“Clave 3 Licitaciones y Proyectos, S.L. ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es Potenciar la investigación, el desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación, y gracias al que ha podido desarrollar una consultoría para la creación del procedimiento operativo que ayude a fijar una metodología de trabajo para optimizar los tiempos en la prestación del servicio relacionado con las oportunidades de negocio para apoyar la creación y consolidación de empresas innovadoras. Desde diciembre de 2017 hasta marzo de 2018. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del Programa InnoCámaras de la Cámara de Comercio de Málaga.”

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