How to file an electronic offer to a public tender in the State Contracting Platform

How to file an electronic offer to a public tender in the State Contracting Platform Clave3

We often face the same questions from our customers: how can I file an electronic offer to a public tender through the State Contracting Platform?

We would like to give you a few tips to facilitate this form of filing an offer. However, we will not miss the chance to let you know that most of the companies that apply for public tenders to support its funding and actions usually hire the services of a company expert in managing the tender procedure.

How to file an electronic offer to a public tender

Clave 3 will give you invormation, manage the paperwork, and support you through the preparation and filing process.


These are some frequently asked questions from our customers:

What are the requirements to file an electronic offer to a tender?

    • You must be registered in the State Contracting Platform. Your profile in the platform must also be filled in.
    • A fast internet connection.
    • You will need the company’s representative’s electronic signature, he who has the capacity to sign the documentation requested by the contracting authority.
    • Updated version of Java software installed in you computer. In the 90% of cases documents cannot be signed in the platform, the Java software installed is outdated.

Must documents have a particular format or size?

Yes, documentation should be filed in pdf format and compressed. It is usual that the technical documentation of the public tender indicates the top size of documents. As a general rule, they should not be over 5MB.

Should I sign the electronic file if I have already signed all documentation included?

Yes. When validating documentation and before sending, the platform usually warns it is mandatory signing the files. It is highly recommended that both the documents and the file in which they are to be found be signed.

What happens if the tender configuration in the platform requests documentation additional to those specified in the administrative specifications document?

Do not worry, this is more usual than one may think. In case it happens, a standar annex should be filled in to give an answer to the requested document. Sending will not be habilitated until all documentation is attached.

What are the advantages of filing the offer to a tender by electronic means?

For a number of months now, it is mandatory for contracting authorities registering tenders at the State Contracting Platform. Thus, all users are to send their eventual queries through the same platform. Similarly, they are to receive all official updates notices through the company account in the platform as well as via e-mail. In this way, any company can have access to relevant information.

On top of this, once the offer has been filed, you can access to your filing proof document and will know the date and time the offer was filed.

There is a user’s guide available at the State Contracting Platform. It contains indications of the different actions to be taken into account when filing an offer. You can read it here.

Advantages of relying on Clave 3 expertise

After these useful tips, remember the advantages of relying on Clave 3 expertise for this type of applications.

  • More than ten years experience in the sector filing offers to different types of public tenders. You do not have to worry and can be sure, for your peace of mind, that documentation will be filed correctly in time and form.
  • We work continually with different platforms and with direct contact with the contracting authorities. We have done so for years and keep doing now. This how our consultancy services add value to our customers.
  • We will send you notice on any open call, both for subsidies and public tenders.

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