Business classification

Processing, extension, and maintenance

Business classification

Bussiness Classification is a facilitator of the tender procedure. Thanks to it, you can accredit technical and business solvency with a single document; and also some other issues such as the granting of powers to your representative, certifications of being up to date with the administratios –either Social Security, national Treasure, and regional Treasure–.

Public Administration stands for Local, Regional, or State Administration, as well as for all their depending public agencies.

To obtain Business Classification is mandatory:

  • Being up to date with Social Security payments.
  • Have no debts payable to the Tax Agency.
  • Have a net worth, capital company must be over 15,000 €, and accumulated losses must not let it below its 50%.
Processing, extension, and maintenance

Classification typology

There are two main Business Classification groups, namely Construction and Services. Business classification is mandatory for Construction contracts over 500,000 €. For the rest of contracts, classification is the easiest and fastest way to accredit ellegibility for public contracts, certification of personality, ability to act, representation, proffessional or business entitlement, economic/financial and technical/professional solvencies, and many others.


Business Classification benefits

Extend client portfolio

Business volume increase

Heritage value increase

Added value increase

Differentiate from competitors

Enhance the business image


How we do it

1. Situation analysis

2. Certifications

3. Resolution of doubts

4. Document review

5. File submission

6. Follow-up

Construction groups and subgroups

A-1 Site clearing and drain

A-2 Grading

A-3 Quarries

A-4 Shafts and galleries

A-5 Tunnels

C-1 Demolitions

C-2 Mansonry or concrete structures

C-3 Metal structures

C-4 Bricklaying, rendering, and coating

C-5 Stonework

C-6 Pavement, flooring, and wall tiling

C-7 Insulation and waterproofing

C-8 Woodwork

C-9 Metallic carpentry

E-1 Water supply and Sanitation

E-2 Dams

E-3 Water canals

E-4 Ditches and drainage

E-5 River bank defences and channels

E-6 Large-diameter pressure pipes conduits

E-7 Other types of hydraulic projects

G-1 Highways, Freeways

G-2 Runways

G-3 Hydraulic concrete slab

G-4 Bituminous mix bound roads

G-5 Signposting and road beaconing

G-6 Other types of roads and tracks projects

I-1 Lighting and lighting markers

I-2 Power generation plants

I-3 Electrical transmission lines

I-4 Substations

I-5 High-voltage distribution transformer plants

I-6 Low-voltage distribution

I-7 Telecommunication and radio installations

I-8 Electronic facilities

I-9 Other types of electrical installations projects

K-1 Special foundations

K-2 Probings, injections, and piloting

K-3 Bulkhead gates

K-4 Painting and metal plating

K-5 Embellishments and decorations

K-6 Gardening and plantations

K-7 Restoration of monuments, buildings or other assets of historical and cultural interest.

K-8 Water treatment stations

K-9 Fire-fighting facilities

B-1 Factory or Mass Concrete

B-2 Reinforced Concrete

B-3 Prestressed Concrete

B-4 Metallic

D-1 Track laying

D-2 Elevations over rail or cable

D-3 Signalling and interlocking

D-4 Railway electrification

D-5 Other types of rail projects

F-1 Dredging

F-2 Sea walls

F-3 Concrete caissons

F-4 Reinforced-concrete caissons

F-5 Ground and sheet piles

F-6 Lighthouses, radiobeacons, and maritime signalling

F-7 Other types of maritime projects

F-8 Sumbarine emissaries

H-1 Pipelines

H-2 Gas pipelines



J-1 Transporting devices

J-2 Vetilation, heating, and air conditioning

J-3 Refrigerating facilities

J-4 Plumbing and sanitary

Services groups and subgroups

L-1 Auxiliary services for archiving and similar administrative works

L-3 Surveys, data collection and similar services

L-5 Organization and promotion of congresses, shows, and expositions

L-6 Porter services, access control and information to the public.

O-1 Building conservation and maintenance services

O-2 Roads, tracks, highways, freeways, and railways conservation and maintenance services.

O-3 Water and sewage networks conservation and maintenance services.

O-4 Sewage treatment plants conservation and maintenance services.

O-6 Mounts and gardens conservation and maintenance services.

Q-1 Machinery maintenance and repair services.

Q-2 Vehicles maintenance and repair services.

T-1 Advertising services

T-5 Translation and interpretation services


V-3 Equipment maintenance and repair services and IT installations.

V-4 Telecommunications services

V-5 IT systems and telematic infrastructures explotation and control services.

M-1 Sanitation, disinfection, insect extermination and rat extermination services.

M-2 Security, custody, and protection services

M-4 Graphic arts

M-5 Libraries, archives, and museums services

M-6 Catering services

P-1 Electric and electronic equipment and installations maintenance and repair services.

P-2 Plumbing, and water and gas conduits equipment and installations maintenance and repair services.

P-3 Heating and air conditioning equipment and installations maintenance and repair services.

P-5 Security and fire-fighting equipment and installations maintenance and repair services.

P-7 Elevators and horizontal transportation equipment and installations maintenance and repair services.

R-1 Road passenger transport services

R-2 Medical transport of patients by any means

R-5 Waste collection and transport

R-6 Air services

R-9 Courier, mail, and distribution services

U-1 Cleaning services

U-4 Travel agencies

U-8 Information and phone assitance services

Construction and services groups and subgroups

Category 1 when its annual average is below 150,000 €.

Category 2 when annual average is over 150,000 € and below 360,000 €.

Category 3 when annual average is over 360,000 € and below 840,000 €.

Category 4 when annual average is over 840,000 € and below 2,400,000 €.

Category 5 when annual average is over 2,400,000 € and below 5,000,000 €.

Category 6 when annual average is over 5,000,000 €.

Category 1 when its annual average is below 150,000 €.

Category 2 when annual average is over 150,000 € and below 300,000 €.

Category 3 when annual average is over 300,000 € and below 600,000 €.

Category 4 when annual average is over 600,000 € and below 1,200,000 €.

Category 5 when annual average is over 1,200,000 €.


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